Fodor, Fonderie d'art depuis 1967
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Fodor, Foundry of art since 1967

Legal notice

Corporate name : Société Nouvelle Fodor

Legal statius : SAS

SIRET Number : 394 928 550 00018

APE Code : 2454Z

Address : 51 rue Jean Bogé - 70170 PORT SUR SAÔNE - FRANCE

Email :

Phone : 03 84 91 50 26

Commercial and companies register : 394 928 550 RCS de Vesoul

Publication manager : Anasthasia Millot

Graphical and technical production : - 9, Rue de Villersexel, 70000 NAVENNE - contact[@]

Website host :
Online SAS

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Anasthasia Millot
By email :
By phone : 03 84 91 50 26
By mail : 51 rue Jean Bogé - 70170 PORT SUR SAÔNE - FRANCE


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Intellectual property rights

All the contents of this website, texts, photos, videos, etc are the property of SN FODOR. All the pieces of our bronze collection designed by ANASTHASIA MILLOT are registred at the INPI. Any copy or fraudulent use of this content without prior authorization will result in prosecutions.