Fodor, Fonderie d'art depuis 1967
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Fodor, Art foundry since 1967

A few facts about Fodor

Fodor, Art foundry since 1967

Since our creation in 1967, the Foundry of Art Fodor has developed and refined its artisanal know-how enabling us to meet all the needs of our clientele which mainly consists of interior decorators, designers, sculptors and bronze specialists, to name but a few.

Initially specialising in reproductions of decorative hardware in bronze and brass, the Foundry of Art Fodor reoriented towards the creation of bespoke limited edition pieces as well as the production of unique design furniture and contemporary decor.

All work such as welding, chasing and patinas are all carried out within our own specialised workshops, in addition to our lost wax and sand casting units.

The Foundry of Art Fodor also offers you a CAD service for the creation and production of protoypes.

In 1996, we were awarded the "Prix de la dynamique artisanal".

In 2010, we obtained the label EPV set up by the French Government to distinguish French Companies with excellent artisanal and industrial expertise.

2010 was also the year that we created our own unique collection of bronze furniture, designed by Anasthasia Millot, presented permanently in France, at the Serpette market and in New York at the Valérie Goodman gallery.

Fodor, Foundry of Art since 1967
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Fodor, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant